Open & Flexible Learning Centre

In 2003, the Open and Flexible Learning Centre (OFLC) of the SJPP was established.  The Paper-based modality was introduced where students would study at home using a study package with all the relevant information included, but were required to attend face-to-face workshops and practicals.  Five (5) courses were piloted and they were chosen primarily because of the demand for training in these areas:  Child Care and Nursery Management, Care of the Older Adult, Small Business Management, Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare and Motor Vehicle Engineering.

In 2005 the Virtual Campus (Online Modality) was launched.  This was a historic educational achievement for Barbados and the SJPP in particular. The online modality was to further expand access to tertiary education and promote lifelong learning. The need to increase the number of places available at the institution has been recognized and thirteen (13) courses are now accessible online.  The SJPP is working diligently to have all its courses online in the not too distant future.


The SJPP was able to attract students from Guyana, St. Vincent, Antigua and Montserrat, who successfully completed online courses of study.  With this success, the institution will continue to aggressively market this new learning initiative in the region.


The OFLC will continue to create a framework for new innovation in technical and vocational education to meet the needs of the Barbadian public and offer a network of high quality online courses that are accessible to persons in the region and the Global market.


This Centre is located at Building #3 Pine Industrial Park, Wildey St. Michael with opening hours as follows:

 Mondays to Thursdays           8:15 am – 7.00 pm during the semester

Mondays to Fridays                 8:15 am – 4:30 pm during the vacation

Fridays                                     8:15 am – 4:30 pm

Saturdays                                9:00 am -11.00 am


Online and Paper-based courses

Students study on-line under the supervision of expert tutors. They are required to be computer literate and have access to a computer with internet connectivity.

Paper-based courses

Students study using a study package that contains all of the materials needed for course.

The on-line studies are conducted using the Moodle On-line Course Tools. All students are given login credentials in order to access the system.

Although these modalities require that students study partially on their own, all the courses are instructor lead, thus reassuring the students that their needs are being met.  Students will also attend face-to-face sessions at the institution for all of  their practical and workshop sessions.



*      Students pursuing Diplomas are required to have the certificate in the desired area.