Division of Mechanical & Printing Distance & Continuing Education Programmes

Basic Machine Shop

Duration: 1 Year
Certificate Issued: Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic Certificate

Programme Description:

This is a practical based course introducing students to the skills and machinery used in engineering workshops.

Course Content:

• Safety in Workshop
• Benchwork and Marking-out
• Measurement
• Blueprint Reading
• Drilling
• Lathe Work
• Shaping
• Milling
• Tool Grinding
• Materials and Heat Treatment

Basic Mechanical Maintenance

 Duration: 1 Year
 Certificate Issued: Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic Certificate

Programme Description:

This programme is the second stage to Basic Machine Shop and preceding Plant Maintenance. It introduces the fundamentals in the maintenance and repair of mechanically operated equipment.

Course Content:

• Work Safety
• Blueprint reading
• V-Belts, Pulley, Chains and Sprockets
• Gears:- their uses and defects, Repairs to gears
• Couplings and their uses
• Clutches – Adjustment of Clutches
• Choosing the correct bearings:- Conditions of bearings and Installing bearings
• Removal of pumps:- Installation and repair of pumps
• Identification of fluid power symbols
• Trouble-shooting
• Fluid power systems
• Construction of simple fluid power circuits
• Power Transmission

Prerequisite: Applicants must have the Polytechnic Certificate in Basic Machine Shop

Computer Aided Drawing

 Duration: 3 Months
Certificate Issued: Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic Certificate

Programme Description:

The aim of this course is to expose students to basic Computer Aided Design. The focus will be on using the computer to produce geometrical and engineering workshop drawings which will also include isometric drawings. All drawings will be two-dimensional to accepted international standards and will feature most of the basic AutoCAD tools and commands.

Course Content:

• Starting AutoCad and Understanding the display
• Drawing:- Basic Cad Drawing Techniques, Viewing and Plotting a drawing
• Understanding Layers and Linetypes
• Creating Basic Geometry
• Annotating a Drawing with Text and Hatching
• Creating Selection Sets
• Working with Grips
• Modifying object characteristics
• Using symbols and attributes

Prerequisite: Applicants must have a working knowledge of Technical Drawing. Computer                            skills would be an asset but are not necessary

Plant Maintenance

 Duration: 1 Year
Certificate Issued:  Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic Certificate
                                        City and Guilds Certificate

Programme Description:

This programme is designed for participants who have already completed the Basic Machine Shop and Basic Mechanical Maintenance programmes. It covers further Fluid Power and Mechanical Maintenance. It also covers work on the production and distribution of steam, and the principles and operation of positive and non-positive pumps.

Course Content:

• Safety regulation and procedures
• Preventive maintenance
• Recording procedures
• Power transmission:- Belts, Chains, Gears, bearings
• Listing and Handling:- Techniques, Lifting appliances, Safe working loads
• Rigging
• Assembly:-Keys, Dowel and taper pins, Alignment, Leveling
• Plant Services:-Pipe fitting, Water Pumps and Valves, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Steam, Basic Refrigeration, Basic Electricity
• Instrumentation:- Tachometers, Stroboscope, Temperature flow
• Pressure gauges

Prerequisite: Applicants must have completed Basic Machine Shop and Basic Mechanical                             Maintenance or hold the City & Guilds 820 Basic Engineering Trade subjects                           certificate